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Please Read. Welcome to the forums..

Jimhada / Jun 12, 2019
When a day that you happen to know is Wednesday starts off by sounding like Sunday, there is something seriously wrong ...

I shall add some more info to the forums as I get time...
There was an option to create game themed forums.. but we would have needed to create a different forum for each game.. and we can only have 3 max... It would have allowed us to put in the Roster things like Jimhada Hunter Level 120 Tailor.... but because we are multi game.. I thought whats the point.

So for different games.. create a character in the roster i.e. for Jimhada (LoTRO)
and Jimhada (GW2) .. or you may just always be called Jimhada :p
That way.. when people (misty) post events people can sign up for it with their GW2 chars.. and she will have an idea of who is what..
Same for other games...

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I have made most people Officers so that you can accept Applications.
Please try out these permissions.

I have made Misty an Admin to see probably has a greater need to use the forums.

Again let me know.

Anyone I dont know.. I will make a plain member until someone tells me otherwise.
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